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Sonakshi Sinha – Fighting body shaming to become a star


Sonakshi Sinha – Fighting body shaming to become a star

Sonakshi Sinha, an Indian Bollywood actresses has been fighting body shaming since the time she entered the film industry. She has been vocal about the issue and used several platforms to voice her opinion.

Recently on a television show, she narrated an incident where she was body shamed during her first ramp walk. It so happened that a celebrity model & columnist referred to her as a ‘cow’ and said, “What is this cow doing on the catwalk?”

Sonakshi has always been criticised for her weight. She admits that she felt the pressure of conforming to society’s standards of beauty and fitness. She once said, “I think actors are under pressure to look perfect all the time. However, it depends on the particular person, on how you feel that pressure. I have always been projected as a healthy body image,” she added, “I know that young girls take us as an inspiration. They follow us in every way. Therefore, I don’t want to give any wrong message regarding health-related issues. What I feel is that you have to be healthy and happy if you want to do something noteworthy in your life.”

Always being on the list of the weight watchers, she stated that “I think the result is my biggest motivation. I’ve always been a confident person, ever since my teenage years when I was at my heaviest. Very little of what people said about my weight affected me. I could only lose all that weight when I made up my own mind about it. I wanted to take a step towards being healthy.”

Further she is of the opinion that, “Body shaming is as bad as racism, discrimination and bullying. Society keeps telling us that it is good to look a certain way and anything other than that is bad or ugly. As women, we have been fed with images that convince us `thin is beautiful’. We don’t realise we all aren’t meant to look the same. Young girls at an impressionable age succumb to this pressure and it ruins their health. I would never want any girl to feel like that; and I will feel happy if I am able to influence even one person to be comfortable in her own skin. Whatever you are-tall, short, skinny, chubby-it is important to feel happy and not risk your health.”

Sonakshi has also commented on body shaming being limited to female actresses in the industry. “In my experience, and the field that I am in, body shaming is definitely directed to women far more. Men are given the freedom to look however they want to. Nobody calls an actor with a big bottom `thunder thighs’, but an actress is subject to such labels. The sad part is that certain sections of the media encourage this. I have been targeted on more than one occasion, and on more body parts than one. It’s important to rise over and above all the negativity and not let it affect you.”

However, the actress doesn’t give a damn to such body-shaming comments as she feels that no one has the right to do so. She likes to focus on her work and be discussed for the same. Sonakshi is a foodie and also loves to work out to remain healthy; thereby balancing out both. Despite being on the radar of trolls and criticism, she has worked hard to make a mark for herself in the industry. She is truly inspiring.

–  Subodhika Vohra

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