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The growing market share of skin lightening products


India is a big market for skin lightening products. According to a report published by The Guardian, India consumed 233 tons of skin whitening products in 2012 and the craze for skin whitening products is not limited to the woman only, men are also fascinated by it.

Today beauty ideals are governed by the media which emphasize on a person having lighter color skin. As the parameter of beauty, due to the fairer skin color products market in India, the general population has made this opinion/bias towards lighter skin and want to become like people portrayed by the media by using those products.

“Dark is beautiful” is a campaign launched in 2009 by Woman of Worth. It was an awareness campaign that wanted to draw attention to the unfair treatment towards skin tones and celebrate the beauty and diversity of all skin tones. It also questioned the beliefs against beauty that people have in relation to having a fairer skin shade.

However, our obsession with fair skin directs us towards the need for more such kind of awareness campaigns which can raise the awareness among people. Saying this, to initiate change, one needs to start from home. We need to stop discriminating among children at home and compare them with each other. Everyone is born with their beauty, features, and instincts and we should respect it. Schools should also try not it compare children with harmful or hurtful comments.

India can play an important role in curbing color bias if we refrain from advertising fairness products. If these kinds of commercials are banned, it will definitely have a positive impact on the existing mindset of our society. As a county, we are secular and diverse. In a perfect world, we are everything that an idealized world would look like and get we are still far away from what we should be.

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