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Skin discrimination – An age old phenomenon!


“Does your Daughter have a fair complexion?” This is what every Indian girl’s parents are asked especially before her wedding. Here color discrimination comes on board neglecting the inner beauty of a person and this discrimination is not confined to the wedding. It is seen in a number of places such as school and workplace. I remember an incidence when during my childhood, one of my classmates was being teased for her dark skin almost every day in the class. Even I have heard people saying in my neighborhood that a girl should be fair and beautiful as if it is the only criteria for judging a girl. These kinds of thoughts upset me to the core.

Well, this bias is not only restricted to our Indian society, it is everywhere in different states and in different parts of the world.

Colorism is a term which was coined in 1982. Colorism is the preference for lighter skin over darker skin. Discrimination based on skin color was most visible in British India where skin color signaled the status of the common man in India. Thus, those individuals with lighter skin tone enjoyed more privileges from the British and they gained more acceptance in employment, with respect to darker skinned individuals who were treated as socially and economically disadvantaged.

What does the word discrimination actually mean? Discrimination is the denial of equality based on personal characteristics such as face colors. This Discrimination can affect the mental health of a number of individuals. Whenever an individual is treated differently, the person’s body can undergo mental health effects like low self-esteem stress-related disorders. It can have suicidal effects as well. It is on us to decide whether to let this evil penetrate our society or treat it in a way where we live in a world of harmony, unity, and equality.

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