Blawn & Big

Blawn & Big

The eternal debate: Black, Brown, Whitish, White!


Oh, you are black, I am white, she is brown and he is whitish. This is a never-ending tale of color discrimination and continues even though ages have passed by and we as human beings have achieved a lot. But look at the sad plight which not only the people from our motherland suffer but also people across the globe suffer. The diplomatic views which people hold today in this 21st century are nothing less than unfortunate states of affairs.

Never ending debate on color discrimination continues but still, the mindset of people has not changed. The concept of racism still exists and till now the fair skinned people look upon the dark-skinned people as if they were not human beings. But does anyone really analyze the concept of skin color? Do we as rational humans ever thing that does the color of the skin actually matter? Does the fair skin or black skin concept affect the purity of one’s soul? Does the external skin color in any way affects the internal beauty of a person? Well, the answer would be a big ‘No’. Though people have blindly started running towards having fair skin actually no one ever gives a second thought to the concept that one day this external beauty would fade away and we will only be left with what we have on the inside.

We only get to live once, and I strongly feel that we as human beings are the finest creations of God. Hence, we should start loving and embracing each other leaving aside the bias of color discrimination and make this world a beautiful place for people to reside in.

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