Blawn & Big

Blawn & Big


What is Blawn?

‘Blawn’ is a blend word made out of: ‘Black’ and ‘Brown’, with focus on the skin colour.  We coined this term to voice ours as well as many others concerns relating to the concept of colorism and skin discrimination.

Defining the concept:

Colorism: A practice of discrimination by which those with lighter skin are treated more favorably than those with darker skin. This practice upholds the white standards of beauty and benefits white people in the institutions of oppression (media, medical world, etc.).

Discrimination: The mistreatment of an individual or group based on their social membership, regardless of their social power. Anyone can experience discrimination.

What is Big?

‘Big’ as a concept relates to body shaming of any kind, whether fat or thin. The term will be used to voice ours as well as many others concerns relating to the concept of body shaming, sizeism, and anti-fat bias.


Body shaming has become a serious issue in our society. Body shaming is as “the action or practice of humiliating someone by making satirical, mocking or critical comments about their body shape or size.” It is a form of bullying and, as well as humiliation. It can lead to short and long-term psychological and health-related issues. Body shaming occurs in three main ways, criticising oneself, criticising someone else in front of them, and criticising someone else behind their back.


An idea curated by two friends hailing from different cities of India having distinct cultures, beliefs’ and value system; uniting on being victims of fat shaming and dark skinned. This page has been created to change the mindset of people globally towards these issues. Our aim is to bring together like minded people to share their experiences and drive the campaign forward so that it reaches the masses and people drop this social stigma and accept beauty in all forms.

Our Story:

Subodhika and Shravya come from two different states of India, New Delhi and Hyderabad respectively. They both first met at a business conference in New Delhi. Hardly acquainted, they found a lot common in between and none of them knew that a formal interaction will develop into a long term friendship and beyond. They both maintained contact over calls and messages for the next two years. With a couple of trips of Shravya to New Delhi, their bond became stronger by the day. Having common areas of interest, they started to believe and often discussed their thoughts and opinions on certain issues.

Later in 2017, Subodhika showed great interest in going down to Hyderabad to meet Shravya and to visit Tirupati Balaji. The plan was implemented in January 2018. Both of them discussing their personal lives on a long train journey, found that they should do something collectively for the cause they care for. The day they had to leave from Tirupati, they developed an idea to work on sensitizing and changing the mindset of people towards body shaming and colorism. Since then there has been no looking back. The idea developed into a concept and with the conviction of both, it has taken the shape of Blawn& Big.

Blawn & Big intends to spread the idea of shedding the social demons of the society which have engulfed us in this modern world relating to body shaming and colorism. We want to work towards changing the mind set and perception of the society which discriminate people based on their body shape and colour.