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Hello! I’m Shravya Reddy Mandadi from Hyderabad. I finished my bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering and there after worked in a corporate company for a brief time. I quit my job so as to involve myself in creating awareness regarding Social and Environmental aspects and issues present in our society. The reason for this is simple, I belong to a family of Freedom Fighters who have long been conscious of the progress made by the society and the issues that are yet to be resolved. I believe that instilling a strong sense of social consciousness and independent mindset is required at present. My area of interest is very wide and includes Handloom Promotion, modelling, calligraphic arts, and Environmental research. I am also involved in providing counselling and rehabilitation support to women who had dysfunctional marriage.


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Hi, I am Subodhika Vohra, born and brought up in Delhi. I completed my Master’s from Delhi University and went on to pursue my career in the field I am passionate about – Environment Management and Sustainable Development. My love for the subject has made me work with several international organizations and corporate houses, in India. Apart from being a cleanliness advocate and creating awareness on the issues relating to climate change, I work for the social causes which are close to my heart. I am a globetrotter, love to socialise and am a foodie at heart. A social media enthusiast, I am also a dog lover and a Bollywood buff! I believe that we have one life and it should be spent in making our dreams a reality, but without undermining our social obligation. After all it does not take much to bring a smile on a face, to get unconditional love from animals, to give a ray of hope to the underprivileged or to keep our planet green and clean.